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  Mission Statement  

Our mission is to educate all children by creating and/or nurturing their desire to learn and teach the necessary skills to empower them to become lifelong learners, good decisions makers, and productive citizens.

  About The School  

About the School

Whitwell Elementary is a SACS accredited, Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth grade school located in the city of Whitwell in Marion County.  This is the end of our eighth year having formed from two other schools.  The facility is located on the same campus as Whitwell High School and Whitwell Middle School. 

The staff is made up of one principal, one assistant principal (Title I is paying for half time attendance supervisor), thirty-nine teachers, a speech therapist, a speech assistant, one literacy specialist, one literacy assistant, one occupational therapist, two Title I paraprofessionals (who work under the direct supervision of a highly qualified teacher), three school wide paraprofessionals, three special education paraprofessionals, two Pre-K paraprofessionals, one daycare director, two daycare assistants, one nurse, one bookkeeper, one secretary, three custodians, one cafeteria manager, and five cafeteria employees, two cashiers and a duty-free lunch assistant.

Our principal has 11 years experience as administrator and 6 years as a teacher.  The majority of our school's teachers meet standards as Highly Qualified, with three still working to achieve Highly Qualified status.   At our school 20% of  teachers hold bachelors degrees, 69% of teachers hold masters degrees and 11% hold masters + EDS. 

Student demographics are used to design programs to meet the unique needs of our school population.  Our school offers after school programs in beginning piano, art, pottery, tutoring, and computer technology. Our school also offers Title I reading nights, Title I workshops, enrichment learning through the Destination Imagination program, storytelling, homebound, and physical activity time (PAT).  Our school has a cooperative tutoring/enrichment program with the Whitwell High School Service Learning classes.  Our school actively engages with two local Head Start programs in transitioning preschoolers to kindergarten.  Our school is unique in that we have two four- year -old programs which are funded by Title I. 

We have total of 622 students.  The student number breakdown is 43 students in Pre-K, 137 students in Kindergarten, 112 in first grade, 103 in second grade, 112 third grade, 111 in fourth grade and 4 Special Ed CDC students. 

Community Characteristics

Our county is a rural county located in the Sequatchie Valley within the Appalachian Mountain chain.  The population of the county is 27,942.  The population of Whitwell is 1,598.  Our school serves the city of Whitwell as well as surrounding neighborhoods.  The school also serves communities not broken down in county census and not necessarily included in the Whitwell census.  We use the numbers carefully as a broad picture of our school population.

The population of Whitwell is 97.3% white, with African Americans, Hispanics and Asians making up the other 2.7%. 

The poverty rate is at 16.3%.  The average family income for the city of Whitwell $31.151.00.

Households with children under the age of 18 is 28.6%.

Our city is located 25 miles from Chattanooga/Hamilton county where many of our parents are employed.  Within the county there are some job opportunities such as, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Cracker Barrel, Vari-form, Sequatchie Concrete, Lodge, Tractor Supply, O'Neal Coloring, Orion, Grandview Medical Center,  and Rock Tenn.

Whitwell Elementary is very fortunate to have a strong support base.  Our school business partners and other local establishments offer free materials, discounts, and donations for fund-raisers and teacher appreciation gift drives.  Neighborhood churches lend their facilities to teachers for summer tutoring, homebound education, and enrichment programs if our building is unavailable due to cleaning and maintenance.  Through our Title I program we offer reading after dark programs and parent workshops.  The community is also brought in through other school-wide events.

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