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Due Dates & Upcoming Actvities

Minion Mania  


This year it has been decided for our entire school to dress as minions for Halloween!  Halloween will be observed at school on Friday, October 30th. Throughout the month of October, we will be making parts of our costumes at school.  If you could, please donate jar rings to make the goggles for the minions’ eyes. (New or used, as long as they are clean.)  I will order the headwear out of our class fund.  If you did not make a room fee donation, please send in $5 for your child’s participation.  I would like for all of my students to be wearing the same headwear.  However, if you would like to go on your own for the rest of the costume that would be fine.  A minion’s costume consists of a yellow shirt, blue overalls, black gloves, and black shoes. If I need to order your child a yellow t-shirt, the cost will be $3.50.  Please return the bottom half of this form by Thursday, September 24th.  Your child is not obligated to dress as a minion.

 Thank You!

 Ms. Jaya 


(Return this half only.) 

____ Yes, please order my child a yellow t-shirt.  I will send in $3.50 by September 24th.

Youth Sizes:   S      M      L     XL 

____ I will send in jar rings for minion goggles by October 16th.

____ I am available to help with Minion Hats on Friday, October 23rd beginning at

         8:00 a.m.

____ I do not wish for my child to participate.


_______________________________            ___________________________________

(Child’s Name)                                        (Parent’s Name)

September News  

* Scholastic Book Order is due on September 25th.



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