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*Progress will not go out February the 6th. The date has been changed due to weather (thanks to Old Man Winter). The new date is February 13th. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Third Grade Discipline Plan  


Discipline Plan

Third Grade

          All children are expected to behave in a manner that is appropriate for the classroom. Children who follow the classroom rules will earn rewards and special privileges.

          The goal of the discipline plan is to have a fair and consistent way in which to deal with all students who misbehave and to reward acceptable behavior, by creating an atmosphere conductive to teaching and allowing more time for learning.

          Children are expected to complete all daily assignments. A child will receive a check in his/her planner for failure to complete an assignment on time. Inappropriate behavior will also receive a check on his/her planner. If a child has a check on two separate days of the week, he/she will not participate in T.G.I.F.

T.G.I.F. is a reward for those students who behave appropriately and complete all assignments throughout the week. They will have special time to spend with their friends. At this time all third grade are together. It is also designed to help teach responsibility and to help make the transition to the Middle School easier for your child. There will be a more detailed letter in regards to T.G.I.F.

Classroom Rules:

1.     Follow directions the first time they are given.

2.    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3.    Be prepared for class-have supplies, books, assignments complete.

4.    Work quietly to finish work on time without disturbing others.

5.    Treat others with respect.





Consequences for Breaking the Rules:

1st time-Warning

2nd time and following times- Check in Planner

*A severe behavior problem will result in the child being sent immediately to the principal.

Please check your child’s planner each night. If there is a mark in their planner there will be a brief note about your child’s behavior. Please make sure you sign the planner because this confirms to the teacher you have seen the planner.


The purpose of these guidelines is to provide an environment where your child can best learn and become responsible. Working together we can help make this school year one of your child’s best!

I will discuss this plan with your child on the first day of school. Please review this with your child and let them know you support these classroom rules and consequences. Please sign and return the discipline form (located on the next page).


Mrs. Pickett

3rd Grade Teacher

Whitwell Elementary School

Third Grade Homework Policy  

Third Grade Homework Policy

 Please keep this for your reference


         The goal of the third grade homework policy is to clearly state the homework standards and expectations so that homework will be a positive connection between home and school.


         Homework is a valuable aid in helping your child make the most of his/her experience in school. Homework reinforces what is learned in class, provides one-on-one practice involving parents and child, teaches responsibility, and helps students develop positive study habits.


         Your child will have a homework folder they will bring home every night. Your child will also have a planner that will be a key for communication between the child, parent, and teacher. Your child will use his/her planner to write homework assignments in daily.


         If you have any questions we can be contacted via email at ,, and .  You can also contact the office at 658-5313 and we will return your call during our planning time.  We look forward to a great year!


Homework will generally fall into the following categories:


Reading: The reading series we will use for third grade will be the Reading Street series. Each week your child will have a story that he/she will be responsible for reading at home. They will have a “Reading Log” to fill out for each night of the week. This reading log will count as a grade. We will also read the story at school. They will be tested on the story every Friday. Each week a new skill is introduced and taught during class with homework to reinforce the skill.  The skills will be drawing conclusions, cause and effect, main idea and details, compare and contrast, sequencing, author’s purpose, fact and opinion, and character traits. The more your child reads the better reader they become. Please make sure you let your child read to you.


Spelling: Each week your child will have fifteen spelling words that they will be assessed on. I will give you one copy of each list (unit) of spelling words. Put this in a location to keep up with because one copy is all I can make. If you lose your copy, please look online under my name and there will be a list of all the spelling words for the year. Each list has twenty words but they will only be assessed on fifteen with two bonus words. The words will also be on the board for your child to copy down. They will have plenty of time to write these words in their planner. If they do not write them, you may want to discuss with your child why he/she is not completing their classwork.


Vocabulary: Each Monday your child will get the vocabulary words for the week. The students will look words up in a dictionary at school. We will do activities during our reading time that will relate to vocabulary. These words will be tested on each Friday. 


English: The first fifteen minutes of class the student will be working on Daily Oral Language (DOL). DOL will be on the interactive whiteboard and the student will need to write the DOL and complete it by correcting sentences. There will also be an English book that the student will work to complete by the end of year. There are units in this book and we will work on one skill a week. The student will be tested on the skill every Thursday. Please keep in mind that I should be able to read the student’s handwriting. All letters should be formed correctly and written neatly.


Writing: The student will be writing daily. On each reading test there is a prompt for writing. The student has to write complete sentences. The student has to be able to use correct punctuation when writing complete sentences. The student has to read the prompt and follow the directions. They need to stay on the topic without rambling. There will be some writing homework, but it will not be nightly.


Math – The Math program we are using is TN Ready. Topics generally take one week to complete. At the beginning of the year, we will start at a slower pace, so do not expect a lot of math homework initially. Math homework will be given as the teacher sees necessary. If your child does not have homework, it is because the lesson didn't get finished that day, or because your child had an assessment that day.  We will be using a book in class, and your child will have a worksheet for homework.  We have a lot of skills to go over in third grade, specifically multiplication and division.  Please check over your child’s homework each night.  Many times a grade will be given for homework.




Math Facts – At the beginning of the year, we will be reviewing addition and subtraction facts. Then we will begin multiplication. When we begin multiplication, I suggest that you purchase multiplication flash cards for your child to practice with at home, or flash cards can be made out of index cards. I will let you know on the school website when we begin multiplication. Multiplication is a very important skill to be learned in third grade. When my students begin getting the “hang” of multiplication, we will begin doing speed drills, which will count as part of the math grade. Multiplication is fun! The children love it!




Science-  Your child will create a Creative Composition Book during science class. This will aid in their comprehension of skills being taught. Your child will also take test that will cover each section and a chapter test at the end of unit. Before the unit test there will be chapter review and test preparation they will complete for homework. This will refresh all skills that have been taught. This will help your child to master the skills for the test.  There will be minimal homework, but when homework is assigned it is essential for the child to complete. Some homework will be graded. If homework is not complete they will receive a check in their planner.




Social Studies- Your child will be learning about North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Antarctica. Third grade students will learn about the major components of world geography and world cultures. Students will develop skills across the six elements of geography: the world in spatial terms, places and regions, physical systems, human systems, environment and society, and the uses of geography. Students will analyze the impact of physical and human geography on cultures in times past and present. They will recognize the contributions of famous individuals from various periods of time. Students will understand the role of rules and laws in our daily lives and the basic structure of the United States Government. There will be test after each section and a unit at the end of the chapter.




I expect students to do their best on their homework. I expect their homework folder and planner to go home daily and return to school each morning. I will check all homework each day and will give students praise and other incentives when homework is completed on time. Homework not finished will result in a check in the planner.


Parents are the key to making a positive experience for their children. As a teacher, I have limited amount of time to work individually with students. You have the opportunity to triple the amount of individual attention that your child can receive. I ask that you make homework a top priority, providing necessary supplies such as sharpened pencils and erasers at home, provide a quiet homework environment, set a specific daily homework time, provide praise and support, and contact me if you notice a problem.


If students do not do their homework, forget their homework folder, or do not have their planner signed, they will receive a check in their planner.  If they receive two checks on different days, then they lose play time (TGIF). Continual neglect of homework will result in grades becoming lower.


If there is a medical emergency that inhibits your child from doing their homework, please write me a brief note and it will be taken into consideration.


Thank you so much for your cooperation in this matter and for placing a strong priority on homework. Please discuss the homework policy with your child. Please sign and return the homework policy form letter.












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